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Guys I finally made it!! This is my 1000st Tokyo ghoul pin!!! Whoop whoop!!:DD This caption is one of the most beautiful and most relatable for the Series:) i Love the friendship between hide an Ken and no hide isn't going to die... He's just sleeping;')

Sharing pineapples with strangers- not enough sleep funnies

Why do people always want to be doing things anyway? No. I do not want to go anywhere. I do not want to do anything. I want the world to just be quiet for awhile.

50 Funny Memes; the best of 2016 I dont care if it means I have to actually get out of my warm bed and stumble around in the dark

"Tell us about this pin"? Oh Ima bout to tell you bout THIS PIN.

"I'm a day dreamer and a night thinker. Neither of which lead to a productive person #adultingfail"