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Nobody owes me anything, I'll own it by hard honest work and decency! I'm a Proud Republican and I'm tired of individuals whining and demanding equality! IF YOU WANT EQUALITY "ACT EQUAL, NOT ENTITLED " SHUT UP AND GO TO WORK, YOU'RE NOT BETTER OR SPECIAL!!!!! YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A FREE RIDE TO THE TOP, YOU GOTTA CLIMB LIKE US!

Why don't people understand this? It's old news, something I learned in school when a kid. What the hell are schools teaching that they don't have time for Phys Ed etc, but they also don't teach REAL history or read classics or how to think and gain a foundation to succeed in life, either? Is a school day focused solely on liberal, socialist indoctrination? What ARE they doing all day?!

Republicans/Conservatives don't protest let alone ever riot. We have jobs, lives, dignity, respect for law and order and a love of country. Only these POS's of shit that don't work, live off their parents or the system, AND HATE the very country that has given them so much that they didn't have to earn.

Oh that's right...if you are a Trump supporter, you are not a "moderate". You are the equivalent of a radical jihadist. I assume that there were Republicans who didn't support the Nazi Party, but then they wouldn't be asking stupid questions like this like other Republicans do.