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Top Flowers for Bees: best thing to keep in your garden . they will return the favor by keeping your garden producing wonderful gifts.

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Give bees a booster: Gardeners urged to leave out energy drinks for exhausted bees

ADOPT A BEEHIVE.not sure about the mileage around the Earth, but the rest is sweet knowledge.

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Bees: "If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. Help protect and save the bees!

This infographic from BogglingFacts features10 fascinating Honey Bee facts you didn�t know including the hierarchy of a honey bee hive. It details the physical characteristics of the bee, shows the component parts of honey and products that the bees make

This infographic from BogglingFacts features 10 fascinating Honey Bee facts…

Let we learn some bee facts! Bees are amazing insects with a complex world of their own. Find out more about this amazing world, right now! Click!

10 Amazing Bee Facts

9 Amazing Bee Facts Infographic humans interfering with bees…no.

Please only you can help me! It also helps arthritis!

New Study Finds Bee Venom Can Kill HIV

Scientists from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered bee venom can kill the HIV virus without harming the body.

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Simple steps for helping bees  butterflies

Garden Vertically on

Bees: Simple Steps for Helping & Butterflies: Share the Buzz! Help "bee" the solution to declining honey-bee populations!

How to Clean and Render Beeswax - Snapguide

How to Clean and Render Beeswax

How to Clean and Render Beeswax from your backyard bees.

Honeybees produce an astounding 2.65 billion pounds of honey each year that feeds 7.19 billion humans, annually. Some of the minerals in specific concentrations found in honey mimic the concentrations of human blood serum. Thus honey metabolizes easily and can be an important source of essential nutrients. If the bees die, we die.

Australian Honeybees Unable to Make Honey

Mass deaths in bee colonies may mean disaster for farmers--and your favorite foods. This week's issue of TIME looks at the plight of the honeybee. Find it on newsstands Friday. Photograph by Hannah Whitaker for TIME.