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Ep. 7 - The Man in Number 9 (Bates Motel) Pic 1 / 15 Dylan (Max Thieriot) wakes, arm aching from where a bullet grazed him the night before, and heads to the kitchen to find an unusual sight... ...Norma (Vera Farmiga) is in a good mood, and she's making him breakfast. She tells him he needs to keep his strength up so his arm can heal. He appreciates the effort, but he has some bad news for his mother.

Ep. 9 Underwater (Bates Motel) Pic 5/14 Bradley knows Dylan (Max Thieriot) works for Gil, and she's hoping he can sneak her in to her father's old office. Dylan, obviously enjoying the attention, tells her he'll look into it.

Ep 7. The Man in Number 9 (Bates Motel) Pic 8 / 15 Dylan returns home and recognizes the Cadillac in the parking lot. He tells Norma that he saw Abernathy earlier and thought he seemed weird, then heads to room 9 to get his info. He grills the man, but only learns that he's in "sales" before the man pays him in cash and shuts the door.

Ep. 4 Trust Me (Bates Motel) Pic 7/13 In Shelby's room, Norman finds keys to the basement. He also meets Shelby's vicious dog, Clementine. He manages to escape, and heads to the basement, where he finds a chained-up girl. Shelby arrives home, but Dylan distracts him long enough for Norman to get away.

Ep. 7 The Man in Number 9 (Bates Motel) Pic 9 / 15 Dylan heads up to the house with the money and finds Norma trying to scrub Shelby's blood from the front porch. He tries to tell her it won't work, but she's desperate to save the motel's reputation, and doesn't want to have to be reminded of what happened to Shelby every time she walks outside

Midnight Pictures - Bates Motel - pic 6/23. Dylan (Max Thieriot) gives Norma her first shooting lesson after she begs him to get her a gun. Norma's not the most attentive student, but she eventually agrees to listen to her eldest son and manages to hit the target. Dylan is impressed, but Norma's excitement evaporates as she tells him how scared she is of Abernathy. He reassures her, telling her that Romero is "the man" in White Pine Bay, and she should trust him. They refocus...

Ep. 5 Ocean View (Bates Motel) Pic 1/12 Norman (Freddie Highmore) returns home in high spirits from a night spent at Bradleys, but immediately gets some bad news from his brother. Dylan (Max Thieriot) informs him that Norma has been arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

Plunge - pic 3/8 - S2, E6 - Bates Motel. When Jodi offers Dylan a herbal remedy for his aches and pains, he half-jokingly asks if she is going to kill him - but she tells him he is more important alive.

Midnight Pictures - Bates Motel - pic 3/23. Romero takes in her story, then tells her that he'll take care of it. Norma isn't happy with that brief response, but Romero tells her to trust him, and she finds herself without any other options.

Ep. 9 Underwater (Bates Motel) Pic 1/14 Sheriff Romero (Nestor Carbonell) listens as Norma (Vera Farmiga) tells him that she thinks Abernathy is responsible for leaving Deputy Shelby's dead body in her bed. (this was a fairly gruesome scene that was not shown in the last episode update)