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It’s March Otherwise known as Pi Day! Finally, a real holiday for us math nerds. Granted, I can’t recite pi past myself, but as a kid I used to be able to go out to maybe 7 or 8 decimal points. There are loads of ways for you to celebrate Pi Day so …

14 Times Barry Allen Was Too Adorkable To Handle On 'The Flash'

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I wish there were more adorkable masked vigilantes"? No, wait, lemme guess: You're probably thinking, "I wish everyone looked like Oliver Queen, TBH." But this past fall we got a brand new masked vigilante, and tho

"This is Milah, my ex-wife. And Hook's ex, also. She's also Baelfire's mother" - Rumple, Milah and Emma #OnceUponATime ((One of the best scenes of the episode, hahahaha))