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Patrick Carman has written the Land of Elyon, Atherton, Trackers, Skeleton Creek series. He makes school visits to classrooms of K-8th graders.

Skeleton Creek: The Crossbones by Patrick Carman

Wendy Mass Author Visit Kit

Wendy Mass has written A Mango-Shaped Space and Leap Day. She can makes school visits to classrooms of 4th-8th graders.

Book Trailer for Skeleton Creek.

Anne Mazer has written over 30 books including The Salamander Room and The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes series. Her suggested audience for school visits is grades K-8.

Patrick Jennings has written books such as Faith and the Electric Dogs and Out Standing in My Field. He presents to students in grades K-12.

Margery Cuyler has written The Biggest, Best Snowman and Please Say Please! She makes school visits for a suggested audiences of K-4.

Todd Strasser has written over 130 novels including the Help! I'm Trapped Series and the Tardy Boys series. He visits students in grades 3-12.

Bruce Degen is well known for his Magic School Bus series. He visits both classrooms and libraries.

YouTube has most of Sarah's videos from the Skeleton Creek series. If you can't go on her website from the book and type in her passwords this is an alternate way to see most of the videos.