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See? It's a Hunger Games reference. District Two produces all the... All the police. And the career tributes. So their school consists of learning to kill people. ... Jokes are a lot less funny once they're explained...

Peeta: But I have made a decisions to trust you. Katniss: A horrible decisions, really. Peeta: But trust me when I say, you can fight these Hunger Games inside out, but without my help -- you will never have all the fangirls.


The Conch has spoken…

Screw it, I've become so attached to Markiplier I'm creating a board for him and this is the perfect first pin for it

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11 Signs You're a Diehard 'Hunger Games' Fan

Anyone else realize that in the book, Rue was the tribute???? Cause there are 12 districts... 2 from each district... which is is from District since ladies "go first" Rue is number Awesome!!!! <--- tHE SOUND I MADE. YOU ARE A GENIUS. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Ethan tweeted || Markiplier's Crisis Text Line Charity Livestream // 11/19/17

[UnderTale] Best Friend Coming Into Your Life by bente36 on DeviantArt