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Turn Over A New Leaf (Sizes 12-18) - ED523MU

Absolutely loved working with Gold Leaf Gilding paint for the first time in creating an 8" #mandala coin for a client. LOVE! Products used : #LiquidLeaf Brass metallic gilding paint using ProArte Miniature painting paint brush size 0.

CZ Rose Gold Olive Ring

We are jewelry online store for all things simple, sparkly and exciting. Our favorite things include cross ring and sterling silver jewelry.

How to create a chippy stenciled finish on canvas using Artisan Enhancements Fine Stone, Crackle Tex, Leaf and Foil Size, and Clear Topcoat Sealer by My Patch of Blue Sky.

When you learn to make a Russian Leaf with Peyote stitch, your possibilities are huge... You can apply a leaf or leaves (in different sizes) on your...

12 Leafy Greens: A Quick Guide

12 Leafy Greens: A Quick Guide When it comes to leafy greens you have many choices. We highlight 12 of the most commonly used leafy greens. What’s the difference in calories for arugula vs. spinach? Which leafy greens have a peppery taste? Which leafy greens are a good source of potassium? What leafy green is often used in Mediterranean cooking? Read our blog article or view this infographic to find the answers to these questions and more. #LeafyGreens