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Yoga Mat and Carry Bag with adjustable strap comfy and ideal 6mm Thick. Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat-Eco-friendly Custom Mat and perfect Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga and Natural Fitness and Travel-rolls up easily. Improve Fitness Balance and Creativity with Yoga! by

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Roll with the Punches-TABOXING!

Ever heard of TABOXING? This hardcore workout is designed to get down and dirty! RIPPED ABS here you come.

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Menopause- Best Years of Your Life

This article gives the facts about peri-menopause and menopause. It is filled with facts that women need to know, including menopause symptoms, perimenopausal symptoms, and herbal remedies that will ease the menopausal discomforts. The benefits of Yoga are also discussed in relation to menopause. The Yoga moves are shown that ease discomfort.

This woman's body is unreal. She's from and her workouts get RESULTS! I'm going to get back into the body rock hiit thing to keep going on my weight loss journey. Most workouts are 12-20 min long, who doesn't have that kind of time?! Seriously!

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Cory Ayers Started Exercising To Boost Her Mood And Lost 125 Pounds

125 lbs - weight went on because she didn't know how to deal with stuff in life, severe depression; grew up with wholesome foods, but it was portion sizes in the privacy of her own home (food was her addiction), drank more water, walked, encouraged by the way her body responded to her changes. Feet stopped swelling, more energy, etc.

Wow! Yoga Towel mat - cover another mat for sanitary reasons, or use while traveling