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[BTS in Sweden: Mischievous boys in Europe] - JIN Date: July 30th 2014 Location: Gamla Stan, Stockholm "Those became magazine photos thanks to the beautiful streets although we took them roughly. Whenever sitting on the steps, leaning against the wall, and just walking on the street, they made pictorial photos! Because of the sudden rain during the shooting, they got embarrassed but soon posed naturally with umbrella."

They spend so many times in dance studios and on concerts, they miss so much of sleep, they are traveling around the world for A.R.M.Y, they producing so many songs, they have an extra choreo for any song, they train so hard because they want to blame on stage, they are always fighting, FOR US. That's why I love them so much ♥

Imagine JungKook sending you this photo of Suga with the caption "He's dreaming of YOU as always. He even made a space for you. Isn't he sweet?"