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Nails by Lacy Elliott Are your nails more styled than your outfit? Do you have more art on your fingertips than your walls? Is your stash of polish taking over every cupboard in your house? Sounds like you could have an Obsessive Fashion Disorde

Mosaic Majestic Package 1179 AED (save 200 Dhs) Mosaic Remedy 565 AED (save 75 Dhs) Mosaic Dream 800 AED (save 75 Dhs) Mosaic Hammam Package 1025 AED (save 219 Dhs) Buy 4 Moroccan baths and get one free Nails Package 660 AED (save 100 Dhs)

turquoise daisy nail art, fingernails, funky manicures. sorry, i have no idea where i got this from, if you know or if u own it please post the details.

Beauty Attach Girl. Most Beautiful & Trendy & Popular Nails Photos on 2016 . The adorableness attach babe is aloof in a adorableness attach . A