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Brothers, holy crap i miss malcolm in the middle!

all you have to do is listen to the media to know how true this is. Malcolm X....speaking of media way before the internet.

Malcolm X holding a M1 Carbine and peering behind a curtain in response to death threats against him and his family. 1964. ()

Malcolm X was a human rights activist who fought for equal rights by force. He didn't agree with MLK about being non-violent.

Our artists—we have artists who are geniuses, they don’t have to act the Stepin Fetchit role. But as long as they’re looking for white support instead of black support, they’ve got to act like the old white supporter wants them to. When you and I begin to support the black artists, then the black artists can play that black role. As long as the black artist has to sing and dance to please the white man, he’ll be a clown, he’ll be clowning, just another clown…

Malcolm X. I greatly admire this man. He showed the rare ability to change over the course of his life, and was one of the best examples of fatherhood this world has seen.