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Brushie brushie Master Wayne!

Alfred brushing Batman with a toothbrush isn't quite as cute as brushing a fruit bat with a toothbrush.


Teenager Posts

Other people do this too? Mind blown.

from Prevention

6 Painless Teeth Cleaning Tips for Your Pet

Good pet health isn't just for humans! Here are 6 tips for dog and cat teeth cleaning.

Oh ma gosh! I'm not alone!!!! All my friends don't do that so I feel weird at sleepovers when we brush our teeth

Doctor Who - When it comes to The Silence don't be racist.

Toothbrush That Creates A Water Fountain When Placed Under Tap. The dental hygienist in me just had to pin this!

from BuzzFeed

14 Misconceptions Aliens Would Have About Earth

I'm the ashton out of my friends