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10 Best Amazing Videos For Cats

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A river otter is any of 13 living species of semiaquatic (or in the case of the sea otter, aquatic) mammals that feed on fish and shellfish, and also other invertebrates, amphibians, birds and small mammals. An otter's den is called a holt or couch. A male otter is a meowter, a female is a queen, and a baby is a pup. The collective nouns for otters are bevy, family, lodge, or romp, (being descriptive of their often playful nature) or, when in water, raft.

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Caracals live in Africa, the Middle East and The Indian subcontinent. Adults can weigh as much as 18kgs (40lbs), they can run at speeds of up to 50mph.

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Amazing: Illustrations Of Food Depicted As Adorable Animals

I Photograph My Cats In Front Of The Window Whenever It’s Raining | Bored Panda

From @mac_dogsociety: คอทสด อยากได อยากเกบเธอไวจรงๆ #cutepetclub [source: ]

Heritage Humane Society serves as a compassionate haven for stray or unwanted companion animals, educates the public about humane care and treatment, advocates animal welfare, and promotes adoption to