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John Wayne was a prop man

An early John Ford movie in which a young John Wayne made an appearance.

John Wayne (1907-1979), American Actor

Diane Keaton Is Reviewing Hot Guys On Twitter Now

john wayne's children photo gallery | Gary Cooper gives daughter Maria Cooper Janis a bite of his snack on ...

John Wayne with his children Michael, Patrick, Toni, & Melinda, 1944

All time favorite movie star- epitome of  the true Patriotic American- best cowboy ( besides my grandfather)  John Wayne 1907-1979

John Wayne-this makes me think of my PAPA! He loved John Wayne!

John Wayne, vencedor de melhor ator no Oscar de 1969. Seu nome verdadeiro era Marion Robert Morrison nascido em 26 de maio de 1907

Recognize him? It's a 24 year old John Wayne from the 1931 movie "Three Girls Lost" Whoa, John looks very young in this photo!

Jack Elam. Played a number of Ugly, Bad, Funny and Lovable Western Characters. He was a Great Actor...

Jack Elam, always the meanie in westerns, wonderful actor

John Wayne (a man to look up to) http://www.dunway.com/:

John Wayne (a man to look up to) From the movie Hondo shadow of the dog behind him

John Wayne with his first wife Josephine at a Southern California beach during their courtship years. Second half of the 1920s

Damn, John Wayne, you've got LEGS. And that's the type of woman you go for? John Wayne and his wife Josephine Saenz, 1932

John Wayne in The Quiet Msn (1952) My Grandmother was always one of his biggest fans.

John Wayne as Sean Thornton, "The Quiet Man" my favorite Duke film.

One of the greatest actors ever <3

John Wayne, el último cowboy