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The first but not the last! Prints now available (see tag) and recycled matte prints on the way!

AluMosaics - Mosaics from Aluminum Cans

Recycled Crayon Sculptures | RECYCLED ART SCULPTURES (via ...

Lisa Kretchman. Seasons, 2010. Multimedia piece made from recycled junk mail, plant spikes, gloss medium, and thread. The blog entry shows the creation process: the junk mail was cut into strips and rolled into little tubes (like beads). Each stick got seven beads, and then those were woven together into the panel. Her colorway is really well done.

John Lopez Metal Sculptures

John Lopez Metal Sculptures in art metals with Sculpture Recycled Art Recycled Metal Animals

Eco Growler Carrier from Craftbrewers Recycled Art by brewersCRAP

candice ashment art: *Reduce *Reuse *Recycle - NEWSPAPER Abe {tutorial}

Tips for spray painting matte black mason jar and more

Stainless Steel Bird. Created by J.R.Hamm. This art sculpture was made using recycled scrap metal and cutlery.

Cutlery Art by Matt Wilson

South Carolina sculptor Matt Wilson makes amazing cutlery art. Matt is specialized in sculptures made out of found materials. This series of sculptures are