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9 Sleepy Baby Animals That Will Totally Make You Need a Nap (Sorry!)

Good afternoon, good evening and good night. ‪#‎sweetdreams‬

@ this was very difficult and it's actually an endangered species - it's a Douc Langer (colobine monkey) native to south east asia and it's a close relative of the probiscus monkey

Baby Monkey - How adorable!

I like this picture. And I like that it's a little bear family. How cute is this?

Stunning Pictures on

This panda has some red on it.

Baby Moose Twins. Oh my goodness, those legs!

Frans de Waal - Public Page Orphaned baby sloth, like this one, learns to grow up and climb trees at Rebecca Cliffe's rehabilitation project at the Sloth sanctuary of Costa Rica.

All aboard! Mother swan takes babies under her wing for trip across the pond

Awwww MOMMY!!!