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Sport & Spinal Rehab

People who run the government don't want us to learn about the things we are actually capable of. but it is your body, your gift. shine bright as you can! Your body's ability to #heal is greated than anyone permitted you to believe. #GetAdjusted


I love this because it truly represents how I felt when working with people & it's something I still wish to share with the world.

Massage Therapists listen with their hands & their hearts.

3rd Grade's A Charm: Building Our Community and Our Stamina: Freebies for Your Class

Playing piano lets me feel free, it helps me to express myself, and it's such a joy to play! Especially to play for others and offer my talents.

Love Is... Comic Strip, December 10, 2012 on Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I love this. Horses make great therapists. I can't wait to help people with horses!

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