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This is an image from the Battle of Eutaw Springs. The Patriot General of this battle was Nathaniel Greene. The British General was Alexander Stewart.

Fucilieri del Marylanders alla battaglia di Long Island

This is where the Battle of Camden was fought. This was a significant battle because it was a major defeat for the British army. This battle was in August of 1780. Patriot General H. Gates was told to take the army through Charlotte NC but instead he took them straight to Camden to fight the British. This was known to be a costly mistake.

This is an image of the battle of Eutaw springs. This Battle took place on September 8, 1781. There was no specific victor.

Lord General Charles Cornwallis by Thomas Gainsborough ( Lord General Charles Cornwallis was blamed by General Henry Clinton for the loss of the colonies, but he proved to be a capable general and politician in Ireland and India after the Revolutionary War.

Nathaniel Greene was a major general in the Continental Army. He was the replacement for Horatio Gates. He understood that they needed to work with the Partisans and that guerrilla warfare was the key to winning the war. He led part of the army in the Battle of Cowpens when the patriot army split. When Colonel Isaac Hayne was captured by the British and hanged as a traitor of the crown, Greene responded immediately by issuing a proclamation. This was the cause of the Battle of Eutaw Springs.

APUSHistoryCase - The Battles and Events of the American Revolution

"French Revolutionary War Cannons At Yorktown Battlefield. Yorktown, Virginia. On October 19, 1781, a British army under General Charles Lord Cornwallis was forced to surrender to General Washington’s combined American and French army. Upon hearing of their defeat, British Prime Minister Frederick Lord North is reputed to have said, "Oh God, it's all over." And it was. The victory secured independence for the United States and significantly changed the course of world history."