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North Dakota schools are ranked 48th in the nation, but they spend millions defending big oil from peaceful protectors.

Unions are for working Americans... something Trump can Not say!!

It's only called "open carry" when the man is white. If he's black, it's called "Oh, shit, he's got a gun!"

*Peace between millions of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists - we are being manipulated against one another slow wars by The United States of Israel *

There's a huge hole being stuffed with ignorance and hypocrisy in our world. People want peace, nonviolence and are against cruelty of animals or humans ... And yet they DIRECTLY fund these industries and directly contribute to all the environmental destruction. Any little bit helps, but not caring whatsoever or thinking one meal won't make it impact... You are mistaken. It does help and thank you, for caring about another life other than your own

The churches are full of pagan traditions , The Father hates our feast days ( the traditions of men) Amos 5:21 , Mark 7:8 Isaiah 1:14 . We should also be keeping the SABBATH day.. Keeping All his COMMANDMENTS. And All The Fathers Feast days , Not traditions of men.

One of the biggest race dividers out there. #Sharpton-It's all about money!

Regrettably, as much as I feel it's a wonderful world, I also agree with this statement. The world is over-populated with undesirable personalities. Whenever I meet a well-adjusted, kind, charismatic, compassionate, unselfish person, I'm all "Wow!"