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fabio vetro | Canzoni a scuola: The Lion sleeps Tonight- parole e accordi

It's a singing hippopotamus, animated and with an animated friend who seems to be dancing. Happy Hippo The Lion Sleeps Tonight

"Our Celtic Longhouse with Jamaican Warmth this morning. It may look cold outside but it is full of love and a warmth deeper than money could ever buy. It has been told to me that some wish to "emergency evacuate" us for our "safety". There is nowhere else I would rather sleep tonight than this longhouse and you would be endangering me and others by trying to force us from our homes. Self-Reliance and Independence has always been a crime punishable by death. Every Rasta Celtic and Lakota…

The Lion Sleeps Tonight Lyrics >>> teach 3 layers of melodic ostinati. Melody. Have them pick groups. Sing unaccompanied.

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