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“The jam in the middle was too much for the radio edit, but each solo's a note-for-note classic. Ray Manzarek's fierce and melodic organ improvisation, followed by Robby Krieger's smoking, macho-in-his-own-mind fretwork, build the song to a back-clawing climax before Jim Morrison waltzes in for the close.” – Pitchfork on “Light My Fire”

Lester Young: "This bitch to Fletcher’s wife would take me down to the basement to the old windup phonograph and ask me, “Lester, can’t you play like this?” Coleman Hawkins things. That bitch would wake me up at nine o’clock to try to teach me to play like Hawkins. And she played trumpet herself – circus trumpet! I had in mind what I wanted to play, and I was going to play that way. That’s the only time that ever happened, someone telling me to play differently from the way I wanted to." ♪

Eric Clapton --- stole her away from George! He took his wife while playing music on some solo ... white album or whatever... He wrote "Layla" for her. ** THEN John wrote Eric Clapton a letter suggesting that THEY start a band ( you know, like minus McCartney). I don't think he ever sent it though. I'd like to punch him!