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Via Maggio

12. Representing the equinox, when day and night have approximately 12 equal hours the 12 cuff is made from a rough sheet of hammered 18ct yellow gold on anvil. The 12 hours of sun are represented by 12 spheres that grow as they move from sunrise. At its brightest at 12 noon, Cristiano Pagnini has depicted the largest sun and liquefied the edges by hand to illustrate the dazzling brightness. The spheres then continue to decrease as the day fades into night.

Via Maggio

FOLIA. The exquisite Folia cuff was born from Cristiano Pagnini purposefully challenging his skill and artistry to create an exceptional ornamental artwork. Totally handcrafted, Cristiano has manipulated 18ct yellow gold wire into delicate overlaying filigree leaf shapes that are highlighted with glimmering brown diamonds. Mounted on a hinged and rigid 18ct yellow gold frame this elegant and intricate cuff wraps around the wrist and fastens securely with a clasp.

Via Maggio

CERCA TROVA. The Cerca Trova cuff is a powerful work that depicts the Battle of Anghiari in 1440 by Leonardo da Vinci. As a Florentine, Cristiano Pagnini’s interest in this mysterious lost mural is highlighted by this 18ct yellow gold-plated sterling silver carved cuff that reproduces Leonardo di Vinci’s central scene of battle. ‘Cerca Trova’ is engraved as a reminder the mystery is still unsolved.

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