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Joey....Joey Joey Joey *shakes head and sighs* what are we going to do with you boy?

Chandler: "Hey, do you know a six-letter word for red?" Joey: "Dark red."

Gotta love Joey... and Chandlers facial expressions! Could anything be better than Chandler's facial expression?!

Chad Graham giving Joseph Stamper a hug!!!! Chad that's to sweet to give Joseph a hug! Chad: "come here Joey" Joey: "okay Chad" Chad: "give me a hug Joey" Joey: "okay Chad"


Rory Feek shares his wife's life in 'To Joey, With Love'

A promotional shot for Joey and Rory Feek's 2007 album



Friends - Wearing Everything You Own (friends,tv show,joey,joey chandler,chandler)

Joey in London. I have a feeling this would be me...

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Aortic pumps ftw

Gets me every time.