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Guess which U.S. right foreigners value most 'Without the 2nd Amendment, there are no other amendments' Read more at

More on the Ryan-Murray Budget Deal 13/13/13 *** repubs & dems BOTH are so far "left" and out-of-control that they MUST ALL be voted out, EACH & EVERY election cycle. These narcissistic, megalomaniacs are killing America.

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LADY OF FIRE: A Medieval Romance

Note: LADY OF FIRE is a "clean read" rewrite of Tamara Leigh's 1995 Bantam Books bestseller, PAGAN BRIDE. Unlike LADY AT ARMS and LADY OF EVE, it is a standalone novel. DANGEROUS Believing only death will prevent him from returning to England, Sir Lucien de Gautier answers his king's call to arms. When he is captured and his family refuses the ransom demand, he finds himself bound to the oars of a galley. Enraged and embittered, he has no hope of escape--until a rich merchant's wife offers…

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9 Ways to Amp Up a Push-Up

Amp Up a Push-up | Incline Bench Push-Up. Great for: beginners and folks with back issues. Works upper chest, shoulders, middle chest, triceps and core

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Cologne Mayor's 'code of conduct' to prevent sexual assault angers many

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker has drawn ridicule online for proposing a "code of conduct" for women to prevent sexual assault, advising them to remain at "an arm's length" from strangers. Amidst the controversy and protests following a series of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year's Eve, the city's mayor has waded into the debate with a suggestions for how women can help avoid danger, which have proved highly controversial online.

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Get it Right, Get it Tight: Kettlebell Pushup