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So I threw some Chia seeds in my aquaponic system and boom! They are already starting to sprout:) I ate some of the sprouts and I have to say it would be really good headed to a salad! #chia #chiaseeds #chiaseed #homefarmideas #aquaponics #idea #diy #chicken #chickens #farm #gardening #farms #farmers #farming #farmlife #garden #gardens #gardening #gardeners #mygarden #organic #organicfood #organicgardening #organics #grow #growth #growing #homestead #homesteading


Make a 'natural elbow' boomerang

For many years I’ve been designing, making and throwing boomerangs. At the beginning my booms were made of plywood, a cheap and easy to handle material – all you need is some plywood, a jigsaw and some sanding paper. Boys grow up, and men always want more. So I wanted to make my projects a bit more exciting and discovered a whole new world: natural boomerangs, or better ‘natural elbow’ boomerangs!Natural elbow boomerangs are made of elbows you can find on almost every ...

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How To Get A Safety And Protection From Car Park Boom Gates?

Security is the biggest concern of everyone today. The growing pace of technology has rendered us some great products that have completely transformed the security system. Car park boom gates are o…

Dancing is the only way for some gems to grow a bond strong enough for fusion, they have to synchronize their movements and mindset which is why opal took so much effort in her first appearance. That hug contained understanding and complete love and devotion, which is why there wasn't really a dance needed. Idr how they fused a second time, but it would have been easier regardless for them.

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Blue Owl Long-Sleeve

Never juge someone by the opinion of another......unless its the opinion of your best friend!!

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Well that's appropriate. Girls in my class read this and grow the fuck up .

You don't know shit about our life so stop saying that we are fucking our cousins !!!!Stop playing games and grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!! We could play this back-and-forth game all day but we're grown so grow up!!!!