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@Chris Miller got solar with SolarCity installed today. He was referred by @Roy Teller. Chris actually had an old broken solar system installed when he bought the house. Go figure, the company was out of business, so he had no warranties and they messed up his roof So he had to pay to get those taken off, and repair his roof. Good news: now he's GOING GREEN and SAVING GREEN with me and SolarCity, a company that's going to be around to fix his system.

I had the opportunity to help Matt Capuzzi go solar on his home in North Park. We installed 8 panels on his roof. He will be saving thousands of dollars over the years and he's buying clean, green electricity from the sun! $0 down. Saving money. Saving the environment. Matt felt like it was the right thing to do.

SolarCity install crews have too much fun... I guess they like to install solar for $0 down and save people money.

Wind and solar charging station.Why..?cause the TU Delft Netherlands already develop solar panels on the roof for cars.

Flexible solar. I love BIPV! For the roof (and maybe the walls) on the south… <a href=""> <strong>All 100-Baggers Share These Three Traits</strong></a>