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I love!! Especially the round tower part... I've always loved those on houses. I think one just a little smaller for me.

He just sat there, absolutely still and making no noise at all. I felt so bad for him. He was my brother sure, but we were so different. For starters I'm a girl, and secondly, we both felt with grief very differently. I was almost not effected at all by really anything, when our father died I was sad true but I was always depressed so it was really no big change for me, the same goes for now, as mother has just died, but my my twin brother, he was different then me and did not want to be a…

I love the fact that this pair of Victorian kids are having a spot of fun, instead of just posing still and solemn faced for their portrait. 1898

from victorian trading company. not sure if i'd actually wear them -- a little too victorian for my real life wardrobe -- but they'd be cool to decorate with in a casual setting that needs just a little bit of quirky elegance added.

from Clarks Condensed: A Family Lifestyle Blog

Crock Pot Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider

A crock pot version of Starbcuks Caramel Apple Cider. It tastes just like you bought it at the store. Individual sized portion recipe included.

1870-80s English Victorian Fly Earrings, 18K Gold, from Erie Basin. These are so cool, but also so expensive! I will just have to be content with my vintage brass fly matchbox!

Victorian rules for hat flirtations. Info from the Susannaives website.<~~so specific