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Wires of native silver emerging from a calcite crystal. Source: Kongsberg Silver Mining District, Svene, Flesberg, Buskerud, Norway. / Mineral Friends <3

Pretty retro copper red crystal heart shape with by toofashion2010, $4.99 | Note: "You are my heavenly angel."

♥ Hummingbird Energy reminds us to find joy in what we do and to sing it out. They can fly in any direction they choose. Up and down, backwards and forwards, they truly do move with the Flow of Life. Hummingbird can teach us to move with the Flow of Life too. Another meaning is, that when we spread beauty, joy and love in the world, we are rewarded for doing so, the things we desire flow to us much more easily, we don't have to go searching for them, they simply magically appear ♥

15 Ways To Raise The Vibrations of Your Home

This guided meditation will bring you into a deep relaxed state and will guide you to bring peace and calmness throughout your whole body by utilizing your … source

Red Fox by © Chris St. Michael Algonquin Park West, Ontario, Canada

Aventurine - The all-purpose healer. It's a particularly effective crystal for emotional healing (and is especially helpful when worn for this purpose or placed on the heart during chakra balancing). It helps to balance the emotions, and is one of the best stones to wear or carry during stressful periods. Brings emotional tranquility, serenity, stillness and peace. Aventurine is good for pain within the heart, a broken heart and all emotional issues to do with the heart.