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In my yard often. They love the crab apples.

Make your own Vinegar (it's easier than you think)….going to use those crabapples going to waste in my back yard to do this. This is one of my preps and will be a needed item in the community when the SHTF since vinegar can be used for food preservation, cleaning, sanitizing and medical purposes.

Busted! A mother Kermode lets me know that she is fully aware of my presence. Kermode bears are black bears with a rare recessive gene that turns their coat white. They are not albino. This mother had two black cubs who waited patiently for her to finish gorging on crab apples so they could nurse on her rich milk. #bear #mother #nature #MPA #202020 #wildlife #gratitude #explore #nature #smile #love #beauty #adventure #travel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #instagood

Two Spirit Bear (Kermode Bear) cubs wait patiently while their mother gorges on crab apples in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. In this part of the world, approximately one in ten black bears turns pure white from a rare recessive gene. With @cristinamittermeier // #bear #kermodebear #spiritbear #cute #baby #pretty #10by2020 #wildlife #gratitude #explore #nature #smile #love #beauty #adventure #travel @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #instagood #tbt #follow #followme…

As a born-and-bred do-it-yourselfer, I like to rely on Mother Nature for summertime entertaining. On a visit to my Connecticut hometown, I gathered Queen Anne's Lace from a fallow field and clipped branches of crab apples to make a festive tablescape.

Queen Anne's Lace is so-named for the tiny red flower in the center of the lace-like blossom. The spot of red—which actually attracts pollinators—is said to be the spot of blood from a needle prick to Queen Anne's finger. Whether it was Anne, Queen of Britain or her great grandmother, Anne of Denmark, who so famously botched the lace is a matter of debate.

“My favorite palette is lavender with chocolate and copper,” says Gill. The below bouquet runs the gamut of his choice shades, with purple kale and salvia buds, black chervil, lavender garden roses, marbled coralbell leaves, and gilded acorns and oak leaves. Despite the large range of blooms, “the small clutch is special but not fussy,” he says.