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Story of my life :/

I need a miracle.

mmm anyone wanna get brent rivera for me? no? ok .-. @Jade Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Alvarez Maree Ashcraft this post describes you perfect

Christmas is so close i can almost smell the mistletoe im not going to be kissed under.

And this is why I trip strangers in Target... this was the original comment. This woman's period makes her trip people in target lol

Being a girl. Why being a girl isn' t working out for me: Eit: rder. Oh. guess what time the month ls! Me: 'sitars, gott - Ovaries: ALL SYSTEMS Brain: I quit. Girl being

Ten lies you tell yourself all the time…

Ten lies you tell yourself all the time…

10 lies you tell yourself in an all nighter.was guilty of all of these at least once in college. Some of them more than once.

i want to be this guy's best friend.

Next year's Halloween costume.and when i hand ppl lemons im gonna be like make some lemonade cuz life just handed u a lemon?

This is the best thing I've seen EVER. So true!!!!!!!

You never really bought them…


David after the dentist finals meme, I just stumbled across this!--- Or just any dental school exam


leg back under the covers after the thought of somthing grabbing your foot from under the bed. repeat the process until sleep takes over :). So true!

Single girl problems:)

Single Girls Problems that's as far as I'm going too HAHAHAHAH Donovan "we sometimes make eye contact in track but its like long, good eye contact"


Well, we all meet people who inspire. our inner serial killer instinct.

Stuff Mormons Say :) These guys are awesome :) "There's a special place reserved in heck for people who talk about food on fast Sunday" :) :) :)

I would marry these guys! "There's a special place reserved in heck for people who talk about food on fast Sunday" honestly every Mormon alive should see this.sorry if you're not will make absolutely no sense to you


The best place to cry is in the shower; cause you don't need a tissue. You can cry so hard that you drool; you can let the snot run down your face and the best part is no one can hear you. In the shower you can go strait into the ugly cry.

Tonight's plans after to much indulging and partyin'  #FRIDAY #sweatpants #southavenueuk

YES! Now that's a wild Friday night! In bed with a nice drink and you laptop, for a night filled with anime, fanfiction, manga's. So wild! :D