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statuetta di donna, Kostenki, 30.000 - 25.000 anni fa

Venus figurine from Kostenki | 23 000 - 21 000 BC. Limestone H 10.2 cm. This figurine represents the Palaeolithic ‘Venus’, with overlarge breasts and belly. The faceless head bends towards the chest while the arms are pressed to the body with hands on the belly. Covering the surface of the head are rows of incisions indicating a hair style or cap. Relief work in the form of a tight plait convey a breast ornament tied up at the back. There are bracelets on the arms.

statuetta di donna , Kostenki 30.000 - 25.000 anni fa

Head of a woman known as the "Venus of Brassempouy" – Gravettian (c. 27,000 BC) Mammoth tusk. Brassempouy (Landes, Frances) Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Musée des Antiquites nationales

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#Archaeology -- Venus de Brassempouy -- 27000-25000 BCE (Upper Paleolithic Era) Fragmentary, ivory figurine found in a cave near Brassempouy, France in 1892. The earliest known realistically-fashioned image of a woman. On display @ Musee d'Archeologie Nationale @ Saint Germaine-en-Laye

The Limestone Venus of Kostenky (c.20,000 BCE) Russia

Venus van Moravany ~ Uit Moravany nad Vahom, Slowakije ~ Gravettièn ~ 24.000-22.000 vC. ~ Mammoetivoor ~ Nationale Bank van Slowakije

Göbekli Tepe - Berço da civilização

Pietrele Stone Figurine It is the second stone figurine found in Pietrele and, indeed, the third in Romania! Further representations in clay include models of houses, tables and many others. The amount of artifacts made of bone and antler is especially high c. 4400 and 4250 BC