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THOR - A1092858 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/14/16 **NEEDS A NEW HOPE RESCUE TO PULL** Thor is only 5 years old but may not see another day if the ACC has their way. He was found as a stray, a small black and white shitzu mix just trying to survive the best he could in the big city. When he arrived at the ACC, he allowed them to photograph him and give him an exam. Fast forward to the assessment test and all his fears came to a head for the paw squeeze test

CHARCOAL - A1091153 - - Staten Island ***TO BE DESTROYED 10/13/16*** CHARCOAL IS JUST 4 MONTHS OLD AND THE ACC HAS NO PROBLEM KILLING AN INNOCENT KITTEN…FOR NO REASON AT ALL! This little guy was a STRAY, but a well-groomed STRAY, si it’s very possible he just lost his way from home. He’s scared and needs an EXPERIENCED person with no kids. You’ll have your hands full with this BABY anyway! PLEASE offer to FOSTER OR ADOPT this kitten and save one of

ADAMES - A1092987 - - Staten Island *** TO BE DESTROYED 10/16/16***UNPRECEDENTED THIRD CHANCE TONIGHT TO MAKE ADAMES PART OF YOUR FAMILY… 10 years old and DUMPED after being with his former family for his whole life! He’s NEUTERED and ready to go…but because he’s only used to his previous family, he’s SCARED to death at the scary shelter! And the ACC knows how hard it is on cats who were family pets to be dumped and they had the nerve to punis

CODY - A1091842 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/14/16 Poor Cody, his life has been turned upside. Cody was brought into the ACC as a Stray so not much is known about his past. What we do know is that he is not loving he new digs and that he is nervous and confused. During playtime he is quiet and keeps to himself and ignores the other dogs, it takes time for him to warm up, but when he does, he will solicit attention from a human., Poor Cody just needs a chan

CHEVY - A1092564 - - Manhattan Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 10/16/16 A volunteer writes: I don’t know about you, but I always think about a Chevy as being the All American car…so what a fitting name for our All American little girl! Her sleek lines, good grooming, gorgeous face, and loving personality fits the profile perfectly. Her tan coat is soft and silky to the touch, her amber eyes large and beautiful, and her tail wags gently as we walk. Wagging her tail

All cats are remembered by their owners, but few cats are remembered by the world. Everybody will remember the late and great Tombili however, because the famously laid-back feline just got immortalized with its very own statue.

Manhattan Center PERFECT – A1092802 MALE, BR BRINDLE, AM PIT BULL TER MIX, 2 yrs STRAY – STRAY WAIT, NO HOLD Reason STRAY Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 10/08/2016, From NY 10467, DueOut Date 10/11/2016,

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