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Coyral by ForiegnBacon on DeviantArt

Type / Dex Entry "Coyral are very capable telepaths.

Leafeon (cherry blossom) by AlouNea on DeviantArt

Leafeon (cherry blossom) by AlouNea on DeviantArt. I love this so much! Leafeon is my favorite Pokémon and Cherry Blossoms are one of my favorite trees!

Sea Monk(ey)s by Darksilvania

-BLAQUA [Black-Aqua] -Ghost/Water -The Sea Monk Pokemon -Ability: Suction Cups - Serene Grace(HA) -Dex: "This pokemon are often compared with mo. Sea Monk(ey)s

Geckelic, Psychedelic Fakemon by Smiley-Fakemon on DeviantArt

Name: Geckelic (Gecko + Psychedelic) Species: Psychedelic Pokemon Type: Psychic Ability: Own Tempo / Crazed Dreams (Any sl.