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Stunning photos of the Dinka tribe in Sudan. Every boy is given a cattle at their comng of age ceremony. Over time, they shape their cattles horns in to different formations. Story concept inspiration.

Captivated by her gentle smile & the thousand stories told through her face, the photographer took this photo of an old Samburu woman in the outskirts of Maralal in Northern Kenya. All she could tell him about her age was that she was born in the year after the big drought. “But age doesn’t matter”, she said. “What matters is to have enough children, in order to keep a large herd of cattle. Cause when the next drought comes, you’ll better have enough cattle to survive."

I have tried again and again to show people how evil, violent, self-serving and out of touch with reality the US government is today. In fact, they are even more out of touch than the brainwashed cattle they govern! But everybody just looks at me with those blank cow eyes as if I were crazy. Well, finally here is some documented proof, by a legitimate historian, who confirms what I've been saying all along.

Gateway Arch Final section being put in place. Mark worked at the stockyards just across the river from St. Louis for his uncle who was a cattle buyer. He watched the final section being put on in 1964

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