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Joss Whedon's view of the new female Thor. I think he pretty much says it all, don't you?


Doctor Who subtitles…

I always watch Doctor Who in subtitles. Call me Sherlock, But I have this tendency to get extremely annoyed by certain voices and noises. Once to the point of a near panic attack. So it has been recommended that I use subtitles. <- That's awesome.


Crystal Graziano on

Mass Effect selfie by @itsprecioustime

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Ruther on

At least he knows.


Captain Jack’s suspenders…

Can we all take a moment to talk about how Captain Jack wears both a belt AND suspenders? He literally can’t keep his pants on.


Perfect Superhero Pose

And when Chris Evans answered this question, normally aimed at women, with brutal honesty. | 26 Times Celebrity Men Stood Up For Feminism