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Chip the calico cat 1996 Ty Beanie Baby toy retired mint cm1443

Scat the tan cat 1998 Ty Beanie Baby toy retired mint cm1449

Lot of 3 Sylvester the Cat Tweetie Bird Warner Bros.figures 1989 -1996 cm1421

Napco porcelain cat Miss Pris with hat bow scarf figurine vintage cm1493

McDonald's Sega Meow Chi cat Happy Meals toy black red 2000 vintage cm1479

A Cat is Watching A Look at the Way Cats See US Roger A Caras PB fine cm1077

Framed needlepoint picture Siamese cat looking in fish tank cm1043

101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask Its Vet if your cat could talk Bruce Fogle HBcm1081

When I was a little girl, I wanted so badly to own a Siamese Cat. Unfortunately, I'm allergic. I had to stick with Beanie Babies.