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Before you kill all the weeds - many of them are even more nutritious than the vegetables in your garden. And just as tasty!

The following 11 plants were used by The Cherokee (Native american Tribe) in the…

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15 Great Day Trips to Take From Portland, Oregon

The near-vertical walls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge have more waterfalls sprouting from them than anywhere else in North America.

Top 10 Things to Forage in Autumn | And Here We Are... It's a great time of year to get out and find some wonderful wild foods! All of these are really easy to identify, and grow throughout Europe and North America.

You've probably seen this weed before. It grows all over North America. All parts of the chicory plant are edible.

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I'm sorry... But I can't hear you...

Gotta love the North American brothers!

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Edible Wild Plants: 19 Wild Plants You Can Eat to Survive in the Wild

Surviving in the Wild: 19 Common Edible Plants - A photo primer on 19 common edible wild plants. Also check out the SAS Survival Handbook and the U.S. Army Survival Manual.

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11 Reasons You Should Go Out Foraging For Pine Needles

Of the many types of conifers native to North America, pines are recognized by their thin, long needles that usually come in bundles of 2-5. But some, like the foxtail pine and bristlecone pine, have very short needles. The fallen needles that cover the ground beneath the trees are mainly used as mulch in gardens, especially where acidity is desired. Pine nuts and the inner… [read more]

from The Wild Green Life

DIY Natural Facial Toner

When used as a natural remedy for acne, witch hazel can help reduce redness, inflammation, oiliness and speed up the healing process by killing off bacteria. It is even more effective when used with tea tree, or other essential oils such as lavender, frankincense and copaiba. Try making this easy, DIY facial toner at home today! Click through to read more, or pin to save and look at later!