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111.82 MAR Emerging technologies create challenges for traditional regulatory approaches. The contributors to this book – leading scholars in law, innovation, and technology – address the need for new governance methods and models.

This book shows that investment in technology and a civic culture of tolerance (most–often marked by the presence of a large gay community) are the key ingredients to attracting and maintaining a local creative class. In The Flight of the Creative Class, Florida expands his research to cover the global competition to attract the Creative Class... Cote : 9-4721-215 FLO

HANDBOOK OF EMOTION ELICITATION AND ASSESSMENT de James A. Coan et John J. B. Allen. Emotion research has become a mature branch of psychology, with its own standardized measures, induction procedures, data-analysis challenges, and sub-disciplines. During the last decade, a number of books addressing major questions in the study of emotion have been published in response to a rapidly increasing demand that has been fueled by an increasing number of psychologists wh... Cote : 9-4721-2 COA

This book provides an insight into the industry and its importance in today's economies. The book is based on three central strands of services management: customers, employees and operations. The final part of the book addresses the issue of performance management and service strategy. The authors have produced in-depth case studies and survey research to help students to develop a thorough understanding of the specific challenges and issues of service management today. Cote : 6-62 GEM

This book looks back on the historical development of services law, discusses the nature of impediments to trade in services in the EU, and explains the basic rules and principles applicable to such trade. It also examines the recent development of alternative regulatory methods, such as networking, the use of common standards, private regulation, self-regulation, open methods of coordination, and administrative cooperation. Cote : 3-31 HAT

In the field of business, the ever-growing dependency on global supply chains has created new challenges that traditional risk management must be equipped to handle. This book uses a multi-disciplinary approach to present an effective way to manage complex, diverse, and interconnected global supply chain risks. Cote : 4-51 INT

Individuals, groups, and societies all experience conflict, and attempt to resolve it in numerous ways. This handbook brings together scholars from multiple disciplines to offer perspectives on the current state and future challenges in negotiation and conflict resolution. Cote : 9-4823 BOL

This book offers concrete advice for thinking through the tough choices that all business strategists must face. It distills the important elements of strategy into a system for crafting today's and tomorrow's breakthrough business strategies. Cote : 4-22 MAR

In this book, Anita Elberse explains a powerful truth about the fiercely competitive world of entertainment: building a business around blockbuster products—the movies, television shows, songs, and books that are hugely expensive to produce and market—is the surest path to long-term success. Cote 1-4201 ELB

Through studies of Brazil, India, China, and other important developing countries within their respective regions such as Turkey and South Africa, we raise the question of the extent to which the challenge posed by the rising powers to global governance is likely to lead to an increase in democracy and social justice for the majority of the world's peoples. Cote 2-103 RIS