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from Cassini: Mission to Saturn

Enceladus North Pole Montage

Enceladus North Pole Montage- precise location of the north pole Saturn's icy moon Enceladus.

from Cassini: Mission to Saturn

Hall of Fame

Saturn's rings cut across an eerie scene that is ruled by Titan's luminous crescent and globe-encircling haze, broken by the small moon Enceladus, whose icy jets are dimly visible at its south pole. North is up.

A French lithograph, 1844-61, depicts the Graeco-Roman goddess Athena/Minerva attacking the giant Enceladus; his shield bears a triskelion, symbol of Sicily, 'where he was swallowed by Aetna'; a falcon attacks Athena/Minerva's owl (her attribute, along with her helmet and snake-fringed aegis cloak). (New York Public Library)

"The Encelade Fountain" was created by Marsy between 1675-1677. The fountain depicts the legend of the fall of the Titans, and can be seen in the Groves of Versailles.

from Popular Mechanics

Yes, Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has an Ocean

Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has an Ocean, And It Could Be Habitable

The active water world with a global body of water sloshing around deep below its icy crust we called Enceladus, just 1.2 billion km away. #solarsystem Image Credit: NASA's Cassini Mission to Saturn @nasa @nasagoddard @nasajpl #nasa #science #picoftheday #moon #enceladus #science #space #explore #et #alienlife