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Back from the dead, kind of...! In the finale of Doctor Who

He's back! Written by DW supreme Steven Moffat, ‘Hell Bent’ was one of the endless episodes about the Doctor’s fortunes back home on Gallifrey

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Jon Pertwee from The Time Warrior. The 3rd incarnation of The Doctor. Doctor Who.

“I queued for many hours in John Menzies. Years later I discovered that somewhere in that queue was a very young David Tennant. And it gets even better. I told this story to Peter, who then said, “Oh, I was there but I arrived too late. It was all over.” David and I were in the queue like proper little fanboys but Peter - being somewhat cooler than us - came tumbling in through the door much later, wondering where everyone had gone.” Steven Moffat on going to get Tom Baker’s autograph in…

Weird Sci Fi Fashion & Glamour

This is the group I think of when I think of the 4th Doctor: Leela (Louise Jamison), 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) & K-9