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Native American Hand Coiled Jemez Pottery Koshare Storyteller by C Fragua  P0150
Native American Jemez Pueblo Indian Pottery Storyteller Virginia Lucero
Story Teller Doll    This is a clay sculpture originated by the Pueblo people of New Mexico. This is a relatively recent art form, which recalls the importance of oral tradition within Native American tribes. The doll may be modeled after a grandfather or grandmother. The doll may often be positioned with things important to the Pueblo (pottery, rugs, etc). This is a manner of carrying on the Pueblos' cultural capital and paying tribute to the past.
Helen Cordero of the Cochiti pueblo created her first 'storyteller' figure, her grandfather, who gathered his grandchildren around him to play the drum, sing them songs, and tell stories of their Indian heritage and traditions.   Indian pueblo pottery tradition of working with clay and telling stories has merged into a modern art form of 'storyteller' pottery dolls.
Pottery Storyteller by Vangie Suina (Cochiti)
Native American / Indian Storytellers - Pueblo Pottery from the Southwest - Pueblo Pottery Maine
storyteller  I love these dolls and have a few of them
Pueblo Pottery in Maine - Native American Pueblo Pottery - Native American-made jewelry
Native American / Indian Storytellers -Pueblo Pottery from the Southwest - Pueblo Pottery Maine
Mary Lucero  Native American / Indian Storytellers, Rain Gods and Figurative Pueblo Pottery from the Southwest - Pueblo Pottery Maine