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Using comics to educate girls about their menstrual cycle

And here we see an illustration of the uterus during menstruation. This is why chocolate helps.

Menstrual Cycle "Shark Week" Calendar Stickers

This listing is for twelve 1 round white stickers with a pink shark fin image. Keep track of your shark week in your planner in a fun, cute way!

Cramps, PMS, bloating, painful menstruation. Balance your reproductive system thru Chinese Medicine. This is one really resourceful site.

if anyone says "you're too much of a nerd/geek" show them this shit. it's a study about japanese geeks who try and predict the menstrual cycles of voice actresses by their twitter accounts.

Hormone Fluctuations Inside (Menstrual Cycle) Tags For Luggage #biology #menstrualcycle #cycle #hormone #geek #fluctuations #attitude

29 Bonafide Smartasses Who Will Make You Shake Your Head

Hi. I'm +Kelly. UD class of I don't really think I'm anything special, but you can enjoy the uninteresting world that is my life. "You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same." Welcome to my blog I guess.