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love this so much right on!!!!!!! so many people I could dedicate this quote to so yeah...mind your own business and don't judge me as a person or a parent okay? thankyou!

I LOVE this. I am a firm believer that every person who enters your life has their place in the fabric of your life. The challenge and the joy is in exploring the relationship and figuring out if they are there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.....

from Birthday Wishes Expert

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When you bring me into the drama and say I tell you stuff when I havnt talked to you in OVER a year. Then it causes problems in my relationship then I'm pissed

People tell me I am emotional, over think and worry too much. But you don't know what Ive been through to make me have this mentality. You don't know the things ive seen or had to face. As a matter of fact half the people you judge on a daily, you don't know their story, Everyone has one, everyone has reasons. Just be you and stop worrying about what im doing and who im being.