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square living : architecture : Kubuswoningen / Cube House : Piet Blom : rotterdam netherlands

Netherlands Cubic Houses in Rotterdam. Architect Piet Blom turned a parallelepiped an angle of 45 degrees and put a hexagonal pylon at an angle along with it. The houses have three floors. The entrance is on the ground floor, a guest room with a kitchen is on the second floor and two bedrooms and a bathroom are on the third floor. A small garden is sometimes placed on the upper floor.

“The two contrasting approaches to building on high-constraint terrain – here a steep slope. As parallelepiped volumes, the two buildings are similar. Yet they are diametrically opposed. One house cantilevers out over the slope, standing out in stark...

Rectangle Parallelepiped House by Devyni Architektai - Vilnius, Lithuania

Quinta do Lago, Algarve: 1984-89. This holiday home in the Algarve is located on a housing estate next to a golf course. Have no annexes and be white. In view of this, together with the client's wishes, I decided the house should take the form of a parallelepiped standing on the golf course. Typologically, the building is a cross between certain southern vernacular architectures and - strange as it seems - some Chinese buildings (I had just returned from a trip to Macau).

Rectangle Parallelepiped House by Devyni Architektai -

clean stair design Rectangle parallelepiped House

Rectangle Parallelepiped House by Devyni Architektai (8)

Rectangle parallelepiped House by Devyni architektai

TERRALIQUIDA design Claudio Silvestrin | Low table composed of a parallelepiped Limestone stone with a monolithic appearance and an element in tempered 15 mm. thick glued 45° transparent extralight glass that rests on it. The stone parallelepiped has the sides in a split-face finish, whereas the top is flamed. The materiality, the gravity and the solidity of the stone juxtapose the lightness, the purity and the ethereality of the glass.