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Ready to go and see whose sweater wins.

My face when the laziest co-worker complains about working too hard.

I hate co-workers that always have to prove themselves right, be the center of attention and tattle on others in order to feel validated!!!

Todays mood is brought to you by my co-workers .... thank them for my rage and lack of tolerence for ignorance and stupidity!! | Workplace Ecard

OMG - True, true, true! Immaturity lingers in those gossiping and backstabbing co-workers!

The face you make when That one co-worker thinks they are your supervisor | katt williams shocked

dumb co worker - Google Search

I wish my co workers were as sharp as the knife they stab me in the back with. - Bahahaha this about covers it.

Doing Co-Workers Job | ... me "to 'watch' my co-worker because she doesn't always do her job

That feeling when you're busy in work and your co-workers are wandering around like the undead