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The Blue Eyed Daisy, the nation's smallest LEED Silver certified commercial establishment, is located in Serenbe, Chattahooche Hills, Georgia. Read about this 1,000 acre, environmentally focused community in Issue 30's Unsprawl case study by Megan Kimble.

Itzamna as represented in the Dresden Codex. Photo from Thompson, J. Eric S., A Commentary on the Dresden Codex, Philadelphia, PA: American Philosophical Society, 1972. Featured in Elizabeth Dodd's editorial "Long Count in the Present Time" in Issue 30, nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

All of the poems in's Issue 30 are accompanied by audio. Read or listen to "Suggestions for Urban Renewal," and "To the Man in the Jaunty Golf Cap, Wow-" by Rob Carney at

Montgomery Rapid on the lower Owyee River, from Hal Crimmel's essay on a one-boat trip through Class V rapids. Read "Time and Chance on A High Desert River," in Issue 30 at

"West Nile mosquitoes were breeding like winged rabbits, and their virulent blood-borne illness had started to appear along the old canal that used to shuttle mule-drawn barges between Bristol and Easton." Read "Mosquitoes," by Spencer Hayes at

Rust at Hawaiian Paradise Park, by Britten Traughber, from the "To Know a Place" section of, Issue 30.

Rebuilding and Preserving: Two Aspects of Preservation: Guest editorial by Karen Monzel Hughes in Issue 30

Glenn Moomau reviews 'The Ruins of Detroit,' by Yves Marchand and Romaine Meffre in Issue 30 at

Nancy Lord is an Alaskan writer who cares deeply about the wild North. Read her interview, by Holly J. Hughes, at

"Outside, a flat abdomen/ with a six pack of street and alleys..." Read two poems by Jennifer Tappenden at