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WIP - Dark Magician Girl. Here you can see some progress pictures of my DMG costume I made last year :) I made the base shapes out of foam and put blue stretchy fabric on top of it. The pink parts are made of haircurlers.

Making of Dark Magician Girl Wand Here you can see step by step how I made my wand for my DMG cosplay. The base is an plastic stick, made the base of the swirl with foamboard and put styrifoam on top of it. After that I cut out the swirlshape out of...

YUGIOH: One of the ongoing mantras in Yugioh is the saying "Believe in the heart of the cards", meaning that you should have faith in the monsters that they summon to battle for you. Here is a fanart depiction of Yugi and his most trusted monsters, Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. These two monsters initially seemed like reliable strong monsters, but later in the series are shown to play a pivotal role in Yugi's end goal, as a result of his strong bond with these two monsters.