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Vodoo Donuts..Eugene, OR...Yum. We tried to go and there was a huge line out the door. It was Sunday and we really wanted to try these. Next trip up North and we're gonna get ours! Boo hoo!

Last year, before we went to Portland, I got some great food suggestions from a friend. We followed up on a lot of them – notably Voodoo Doughnut and Beast – but didn’t make it to…

We tip the hat to the sugary goodness of Voodoo Doughnuts and Red Bull's OG card, but their real success comes from narrowing their target and becoming the market epicenter. Read all about it:

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Voodoo Doughnut - Denver

Voodoo donuts Denver - Now, we didn't establish this tasty shop so we can't take all of the credit...(Portland I'm looking at you) but what we can say is that we've got one and it's sinfully good...

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33 Doughnuts You Have To Try Before You Die

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us where to get the best doughnuts in the country. Here are their delicious suggestions.

“We came here to taste delusion and then to transcend it. It is as though consciousness, which is pure in nature, created a game of seeming imperfection in order to have the experience of transcending it all. All this life is a play of transience. Everything is impermanent, even though it is divine. But what you are is timeless. Each one is only a manifestation of the presence of God wearing the garment of time. ~ Mooji Russia, October 2013”

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Tasty Road Stops

I-5, Oregon Pit Stop: Voodoo Doughnut, 22 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Portland, OR, (503) 241-4704 We first grew curious about Voodoo when we learned about "The Original": a burger resting inside a doughnut! If that doesn't have you steering off the highway, then maybe you'll be enticed by their Captain Crunch–topped yeast doughnut or the maple bacon bar? We thought so.