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Personal Transformation and a New Creation The Spiritual Revolution of Beatrice Bruteau

The evolutionary vision of philosopher Beatrice Bruteau (1930-2014), a co-founder of the American Teilhard Association, exerted a profound influence on many. Here, leading theologians reflect on that influence, describing a new feminine spirit emerging out of an old hierarchical order, a new relatedness that speaks of community, and a new humanity and new earth. A complete list of the works of Beatrice Bruteau is included.

For anyone wanting a good laugh and a great introduction to how the Jesuits live, work, think, and pray, Jesuits Telling Jokes is the perfect place to start.

If you do voluntary work in a parish, if you are a priest, a seminarian or a parish employee - or if you are thinking about working in a parish - this book will help you understand how Catholic parishes work, how parish life is organised and what it's like to work in them. Here is a practical and user-friendly guide to surviving (and thriving) in a Catholic parish.

Guide Them Safely Home A Caregiver's Companion to Support Those Near the End of Life

How do you care for yourself while caring for another? Is it even possible? This affirming book offers spiritual and practical support for caregivers. Twenty days of reflections and prayers address emotions of anger and guilt as well as dealing with expectations and the need for control. A spiritually rich book that can help caregivers find new strength and hope, to discover God's hidden presence in their work.

The fifth volume of The Hackett Aquinas, a series of central philosophical treatises of Aquinas in new, state-of-the-art translations accompanied by a thorough commentary on the text.

Welcoming Other Religions A New Dimension of the Christian Faith

Benedictine monk Pierre-François de Bethune has dedicated his life to following the lead of the great pioneers of interreligious dialogue at the level of spiritual experience. Here, he evokes the spiritual journeys of some of the pioneers of interreligious dialogue, among them, Thomas Merton and Henri Le Saux. In doing so, he proposes that their commitment to dialogue, hospitality, and welcoming the other corresponds to what the Gospel asks of the followers of Jesus.

A Path Revealed is not an Alzheimer's guidebook or a self-help book. Plenty of those exist, many with good practical advice. Only a few books, though, explore the painful spiritual and emotional issues that are sure to surface with a crisis like Alzheimer's. Martha and Carlen were forced to face the fallout from their own crisis when Martha was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease shortly after turning fifty.

Beatitudes of Peace Meditations on the Beatitudes Peacemaking and the Spiritual Life

These stirring meditations are a call to action, a summons to take up the Beatitudes as a daily handbook for life, written by an internationally known voice for peace and nonviolence. In each chapter, John Dear affirms that the God of peace is alive and at work among us, calling his sons and daughters into the fullness of a life of true, lasting peace.

Life Issues Medical Choices Questions and Answers for Catholics SECOND EDITION

Medical and technological advances have left millions of Catholics grappling with tough issues - dilemmas that will only multiply as technology and medicine continue to develop at an ever-faster pace. In this updated and expanded edition of Life Issues, Medical Choices, two noted bioethicists explore fundamental principles of Catholic thought - in accessible, easy-to-understand language - to help you make decisions about complex medical and life issues.

Claiming Her Dignity explores a number of stories from the Old Testament in which women in a variety of creative ways resist the violence of war, rape, heterarchy, and poverty. Amid the life-denying circumstances that seek to attack, violate, and destroy the bodies and psyches of women, men, and children, the women featured in this book absolutely refuse to succumb to the explicit, and at times subtle but no less harmful, manifestations of violence that they face.